Cover of A PINCH OF PURE CUNNINGWelcome to my diary page. My events diary, like everyone else’s in lockdown, has been pretty empty, but here’s some GOOD NEWS. My new book is finally out! A PINCH OF PURE CUNNING, published by Matador here in the UK, t’s a collection of Roman mysteries. Several feature innkeeper Aurelia, and we also visit a rich senator’s grand banquet, and the court of Nero. You can buy it online in print and in ebook form, and if you’d like a signed copy and you’re in the UK, order one from my Buy Books page at a special summer discount.

Rosie among blossomsSumner moves on, and our garden still looks wonderful, thanks to my husband Richard. We and our dog Rosie have been enjoying it, and the woods just behind us, where the wild flowers brighten up our daily exercise. We feel very lucky to have so much space.