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Welcome to this page if you live in the UK and would like to order one of my signed books, including the new one, A PINCH OF PURE CUNNING. That’s available to UK readers at a special summer discount of £4.99.
If it’s an audiobook you’re after, please click ordering an MP3 disk.

The books come in two sizes, hardback and paperback (the larger size known as trade paperback.) At present I don’t have all titles in both formats, but where hardbacks are the only option, I’ve reduced their prices as much as I can; all prices include postage within the UK. Yes, that’s UK only… sorry, I don’t sell outside Britain as a rule, because the postage is too horribly expensive. Having said that, anyone outside Britain who would like to buy a signed book is welcome to contact me and I’ll check the postage cost for you and quote you a price. It won’t be cheap, but then of course the books are brilliant… OK, enough.

You can order a book either by post enclosing a cheque, or here and now on-line, using the PayPal service, which lets you pay by credit or debit card. You don’t need to have a PayPal account yourself in order to buy through mine.

Ordering on-line

Click on the button next to the book of your choice and follow the directions that come up on screen. If the Internet is busy you may experience a few seconds’ pause between pressing the button and seeing your order details on the screen, just the on-line equivalent of waiting in a shop queue. After you’ve ordered, don’t forget to drop me an email telling me if you want me to inscribe a special name or message in it.

A PINCH OF PURE CUNNING (short stories) paperback £4.99

DANGER IN THE WIND (Aurelia Marcella #4, the latest) trade paperback £10.95

SHADOWS IN THE NIGHT (Aurelia Marcella #1) hardback, UK first edition £7.95
(UK re-issue of GET OUT OR DIE)

SHADOWS IN THE NIGHT (Aurelia Marcella #1) trade paperback £9.95
(UK re-issue of GET OUT OR DIE)

A BITTER CHILL (Aurelia Marcella #2) trade paperback £10.95

BURIED TOO DEEP (Aurelia Marcella #3) hardback, £10.95

GET OUT OR DIE (Aurelia Marcella #1) hardback £14.95
(original US first edition published 2003, not the re-issue SHADOWS IN THE NIGHT)

GET OUT OR DIE (Aurelia Marcella #1) £7.95
(trade paperback original US edition, not the re-issue SHADOWS IN THE NIGHT)

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Ordering by post

Please send your order and cheque to me at:
98 Bridlington Street
North Yorkshire
YO14 0LP

Sterling cheques only please, made payable to Jane Copsey (my everyday name.) And don’t forget to mention whose name you would like inscribed in your copy.

Thank you – enjoy!