A Horrible History Quiz

Whether you love history (as I do) or don’t (and if so, why?) here’s something to test your “little grey cells”. Just for fun, no prizes! Check back next week for the answers.

1 Was this battle won in a train station? (8)

2 Prime Minister who got the boot (10)

3 Elizabethan courtier with a cloak…and a bicycle? (6, 7)

4 Victorian explorer who translated the Karma Sutra… before or after marrying Elizabeth Taylor? (7, 6)
5 “Turbulent priest” who was murdered…while waiting for Godot? (6)

6 Could this Beatle be a descendant of the man who helped navigators find longitude (8)

7 Town’s football team that would have been supported by a Roman general (10)

8 What mediaeval queen’s name was the answer that helped the first person to win a million in Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? (7, 2, 9)

9 Name two US Presidents whose surnames are also English towns (10, 7)

10 And another US President who sounds like he bowled for Yorkshire (7)

11 British Prime Minister who liked a cup of fragrant tea (4, 4)

12 If Louis XIV drank whiskey, what kind might he have enjoyed? (7)

13 And what would be an appropriate tipple for an Emperor? (8, 6)

14 This ship went down – because the princess got up? (4, 4)

15 Happy rock sounds like a recipe for a Victorian Prime Minister (9)

16 Bad result of disorganised postage in pre-war Berlin? (7)

17 City that would welcome the Trojan whose philandering started a war? (5)

18 Revolting peasant in 1381 who might be useful decorating a bathroom? (3, 5)

19 Which redshirted revolutionary liked a biscuit? (9)

20 And finally a naval battle…fought in a London square? (9)

Good luck!

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