Happy Saturnalia, everyone

However you spend your December holiday, enjoy! I send you all my very best wishes. If we were back in Roman times, we’d be marking the midwinter solstice with Saturnalia – a time of partying, gift-giving, and eating and drinking. In fact quite a lot like our modern Christmas. And we’ve passed the shortest day of the year, so the darkness will start to shorten now.

And here’s hoping for a happy and successful New Year for us all too. The Roman god Janus, with his two faces so he could look forward as well as backward, is a happy symbol for the turn of the year. 2018 has been good for me on the whole and I’m hoping for more good things in 2019. Among other projects, I’m planning to finish my next, much-delayed, Aurelia Marcella mystery…don’t laugh, I mean it this time. Call it my first New Year resolution!

See you in 2019!

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