BOUND BY MYSTERY…three winners

It was so good to see all the comments for my first blog post, about winning a free copy of the BOUND BY MYSTERY anthology. Many thanks to everyone. I put all the names in a box; couldn’t find a hat, except an aged shower cap which seemed a touch undignified. The first three names I pulled out are Linda Newman, Taff, and Georgina. Congratulations! Could you email me your postal addresses please – contact me direct through my email address on the homepage of my website – and I’ll get the books off. I hope you really enjoy them.

Commiserations to everyone else, but keep in touch, and try to persuade/cajole/browbeat your friends into joining too. Books needs readers, a blog needs contributors. So I’m Looking forward to plenty more comments.

2 thoughts on “BOUND BY MYSTERY…three winners

    1. Thank you, Mollie, I’m delighted you’re enjoying Aurelia’s adventures. Yes, there’s another Aurelia novel in the pipeline, about half done, which I hope will be out late next year or early in 2019. The working title is A LABYRINTH OF LIES and it takes Aurelia to London for a wedding, and her brother Lucius into – well, a labyrinth of sorts, which, like Theseus, he may not get out of in one piece. Meanwhile I’m collecting together short stories for a mystery anthology which will include several tales about Aurelia and which I hope to bring out as an e-book by the end of this year. “Still working on that?” my friends will comment, mentally if not here on the blog. Yes, for two reasons. Now and then one of the collection gets published, as in BOUND BY MYSTERY. Of course that’s great…but I want my new anthology to contain mostly unpublished stuff. And second, that pesky nuisance Real Life keeps getting in the way of my writing more often than I’d like. So keep watching this space…

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