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Danger in the Wind

Image of Roman arch

American cover of DANBER IN THE WIND

Published in December 2011
by Poisoned Pen Press,
Arizona, U.S.A., and in November 2012 by Head of Zeus, London.


The latest Aurelia Marcella mystery, the fourth in the series, is published in the USA by Poisoned Pen Press and is available in hardback and trade paperback from Internet bookstores and, in the USA, from your favourite bookshops. There are ebook versions in the USA too.

In Britain it's published in all major ebook formats by Head of Zeus, London. There isn't a UK print version yet, but you can buy the US print editions from the Internet, and UK readers can order signed trade paperbacks from this website.

The story takes place in 100 AD, a time of hope and prosperity for the Roman Empire under Trajan Caesar. In the northern province of Britannia, innkeeper Aurelia Marcella runs the Oak Tree Mansio on the road to York, and business is booming. The only cloud on the horizon is that her twin brother Lucius is engaged to marry a beautiful young heiress whom Aurelia regards as empty-headed and unsuitable. Then a more serious problem arises: Aurelia receives a note from her cousin Jovina inviting her to a birthday party. Her cousin (married to a senior army officer) lives at Aldborough, north of York, a small fort where nothing of note ever happens. But that may be about to change. The invitation includes an urgent plea for help because of "danger in the wind,", and there are alarming rumours of unrest around Aldborough caused by a high-handed Imperial tax collector.

The news is so threatening that Lucius forbids her to go to Jovina's aid. But nobody can stop Aurelia doing something when she's made up her mind to it. By the time she reaches Aldborough the danger is real and terrifying, and the birthday party signals the beginning of a nightmare for Jovina and her family, and for the fort itself.

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