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Buried Too Deep

Image of Roman arch

BURIED TOO DEEP original American cover

First published June 2008
by Poisoned Pen Press,
Arizona, U.S.A.

Buried Too Deep new American cover width="180" height="267">

Re-issued 2011 in trade paperback
and large print (18 point) and ebook editions by Poisoned Pen Press.

Available now in ebook formats from Head of Zeus, London.

The third Aurelia Marcella mystery, BURIED TOO DEEP, was first published in 2008 by Poisoned Pen Press in the USA, and then re-issued by them in 2011 with a new cover. It is available in the USA and on-line in hardback, trade paperback, large print and ebook formats, and UK readers can buy signed copies of the original US paperback from my website. It has been published in ebook formats in the UK by Head of Zeus, London.

The story takes place in 98 AD, a time of hope for the Roman Empire and its new Emperor, Trajan. In the northern province of Britannia, Aurelia Marcella shares the general optimism. Her mansio on the road to York is prospering, her sister Albia is happily married and settled in the wold country to the east, and her brother Lucius has an easy assignment, salvaging a shipwrecked government cargo with promise of a large reward.. 

But violence breaks out in the wolds, caused by a band of sea-raiders from Gaul harassing farmsteads, and vicious feuding over land between Roman settlers and powerful native farmers. Albia's family are caught up in this and are in serious danger, and Lucius' easy assignment turns into a nightmare. He has disturbing family news to impart too, about past events which throw dark shadows into the present.

When the landowners' hostility escalates into open violence, Aurelia and Lucius have only days to discover who is behind the bloodshed, and reveal the buried secrets of the past, or else the peace of the present will be irrevocably broken.

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