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Stage and tv actress Jacqueline King has received much praise for narrating audiobooks of all kinds. Born in Northumberland, she learned her craft as an actress at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. She now lives in Wimbledon, London, with her husband Keith, and is much in demand for stage and tv work, but still finds time for audiobooks. I and her many other fans  hopes that she always will.

If you're one of the millions of people who enjoy being read to, 
then you'll love the audio versions of GET OUT OR DIE, 

They are all beautifully read by Jacqueline King, and are in MP3 format, which means a whole unabridged novel fits on a single disk, and they cost no more than a paperback book; £8.99 if you buy them in the UK, £11.99 for purchasers from anywhere else.

You can play them on any equipment that's designed to handle this type of recording - any MP3 player, quite a few CD and DVD players, and of course nearly all computers, and you can download them from larger computers onto tablets.

The recordings were made at the Royal National Institute of the Blind Talking Book studios, London. That means the books are available to members of the RNIB Talking Book library in digital format. The producers of GET OUT OR DIE and A BITTER CHILL were Ross Burman and me, and BURIED TOO DEEP was produced by Tim Brown and me. Yes, they let the author sit in on the production, but in truth I had very little to do, working with such professionals.

Jacqueline is a brilliant exponent of the many voices and accents needed to bring the printed page alive. We're often asked how we decide on what accent to choose for the voice of, say, a Roman innkeeper or an Ancient British warrior. It's quite arbitrary of course - they'd have spoken with distinctive accents, but in Latin or the British Celtic language. As you'll hear when you try the books for yourself, Jacqueline has no problem with a whole variety of different voices, and for me, hearing my words come alive in sound is a wonderful experience. 

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